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Dr. Zia graduated from Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in 2009 and later joined Pinnacle Health System at Harrisburg for Post-graduate residency training in Podiatric Medicine & Surgery.

Dr. Zia is also actively involved in research related to Diabetic foot infections. During his training at Harrisburg Hospital, he completed a research study to find out the prevalence of MRSA infections among Diabetic patient population in a community hospital setting to have a better understanding of Diabetic foot infections. His article “Prevalence of MRSA in Diabetic foot infection in Community Teaching Hospital” published in The Foot (The International Journal of Clinical Foot Science).

Meantime Dr. Zia had an opportunity to get training in Micro-Surgery at Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH to be certified to perform complex procedures dealing with delicate tissues of Nerves and blood vessels during operations for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and Morton’s Neuroma.

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